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Linux Web Hosting


Another benefit of Linux is the unmatched flexibility which it offers users. It can easily host eCommerce applications, multimedia applications and blogging websites at the same time. As stated earlier, it is easy to update and modify too. It has been created on a general public license and has various distributions working with it.


The price of products and services are very important for internet entrepreneurs. When it comes to price, Linux is the cheapest web hosting provider out there today. This advantage comes because there are no extravagant licensing fees to be paid. Anybody can start their online business at a very low cost. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress all run on this platform. It is used widely and has been right on top of the web industry for a while now.

Reliability and security

Security is of prime importance in this day and age. They have become critical after 2015 when a number of websites were hacked and their data leaked online. There has been quite a long debate regarding security and reliability of online hosting providers but Linux is one of the best in terms of online security, that’s for sure. They regularly get rid of obsolete and unnecessary components in order to boost the performance of their servers and reduce costs. It is one of the best and most reliable platforms to host your website on. That’s for sure.

Simplicity and speed

Linux is considered simple and easy to use by most of the online community. It has a lot of pre-installed software which is prepared for extension and modification. Linux has been designed in a way that it supports basic web hosting and this means that it allows users to install MySQL, PHP and Perl Script for maximizing the productivity and performance of their websites whenever they want. It is known for excellent performance and can handle a large number of processes at the same time.