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3 Important Tips for Choosing Warehouse Lighting

Two essential things one needs to pay attention to when running a warehouse is safety, and productivity. Warehouse lighting is critical in defining these two factors. Most accidents that occur in warehouses are mainly due to poor lighting. It is therefore essential for a warehouse owner to know what to look for when choosing new lighting for their warehouse.

Limit the Glare from the Lighting

One of the significant forms of lighting is the LED lighting. It, however, has some disadvantages to it. They have a spotlight effect, meaning that they mostly shine in a particular direction. An excellent example of this is the Jasper beam which happens to be an industrial LED light. In the event that a worker looks directly at the LED light, they will temporarily blind. This might cause them to trip or run into a machine or even crash into something. Every warehouse should work to minimize the glare through reflections. Choose a light designed to reduce glare to avoid accidents at the warehouse.

Ensure the Lighting Fits the Warehouse

Most Warehouses have high ceilings. Make sure that the lighting illuminates the floor effectively. If one decided to buy some specific bulbs for cost saving, they would spend a lot more on accidents in the warehouse. Productivity will also drop.

Choose the Right Color

Color is quite essential in warehouse lighting. The intensity of the light affects clarity and contrast. When the worker read labels or need to identify the object, they need to do so in the most natural light. The Color Rendering Index is an important aspect to pay attention to enhance safety. Color Rendering Index is the specific light’s ability to show natural and realistic colors. The higher the CRI index of the lighting one will choose the more realistic the lighting. For a warehouse, the minimum CRI one should go for is 85. Any index below that will be dangerous for the warehouse and cause fatigue for the worker.

When deciding to purchase any form of lighting for a warehouse, research is quite significant. The study will help one know the different options that are in the market and help one choose the ideal light for their warehouse.